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“Your team is great and I really look forward to a long and collaborative partnership with you.”

Jason Lapin

We’re reinventing the recruiter.

We’ve assembled a network of industry agents who refer top F&B talent. We put the power of word-of-mouth to work for our clients, connecting businesses with quality professionals who are looking to make a move.

Featured agents
Xania Woodman
Xania Woodman
  • Beverage, dining and travel writer for over 10 years
  • Active member of USBG Las Vegas
  • Mixology competition judge, including Throwdown with Bobby Flay
Adam Rains
Adam Rains
  • Bartender for Mario Batali for over 5 years
  • Sommelier Level 2 and Certified Cicerone
  • LV Food & Beverage Professional columnist
Anthony Perri
Anthony Perri
  • Fine dining server for over 15 years
  • Experience includes é by José Andrés, Todd English’s Olives, and Tom Colicchio's Heritage Steak

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Our agents reach out to their networks to find good matches.

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You review candidates on your phone and contact your top picks.

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Nomic agents have their finger on the pulse of the industry. They know a good fit when they see one, and they know who’s ready to make a move.

It works where you work.

Our mobile app makes it easy to get your hiring done from anywhere—front of the house, back of the house, or on the go.

WE MOVE FAST. On July 4th, an Executive Chef called us. A pastry cook had walked out, and he needed to fill the position immediately. Despite the holiday, we sent him two pre-screened candidates that day, and three more candidates within the next 72 hours. The chef hired one of the first two candidates, filling the position in five days.

Hire first,
Pay later.


Hourly positions
3% of annual wages, paid in 3 monthly installments of 1%.

Salary positions
6% of annual salary, paid in 6 monthly installments of 1%.

We send your first bill after your new hire’s been on the job for one month. If they leave for any reason, you stop paying.

“We have a dream team now, thanks to you guys.”

Nichole Hester

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